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Stenter Machine
Condition: Used.
Machine Width: 1800mm - 3200mm.
Chamber: 6/8.
Heated: Oil/Gas. 
Paper Cup Making Machine
Condition: New.
Total Weight: 3Ton.
Machine Size: 2700mm X 1200mm X 1700mm.
Total Power: 7KW.
Production Capacity: 3300Pieces/Hour.
Origin: China.

Plastic Suitcase Sheet Making Machine
Condition: New.
Make: Plastic Sheet.
Materials: ABS.
Sheet Thickness: 1-4mm.
Sheet Width: 1-920mm.
Machine Weight: 10Ton.
Overall Dimension: 18000mm X 3500mm X 3000mm.
Total Power: 120KW
Poly Making Machine
Condition: New.
Make: Packaging.
Machine Weight: 2.4Ton.
Overall Dimension: 3000mm X 2500mm X 3800mm.
Total Power: 24KW.
Origin: China.

Repair Loom
Condition: Used
Working Width: 72Inches.
Origin: China.

Plastic Pipe Making Machine
Condition: New.
Make: Pipe.
Materials: ABS/PP/PE/PPR.
Origin: China.

Condition: New.
Make: Embroidery Backing Paper.
Materials: 100% Cotton.
GSM: 25-90.
Width: 100cm.
Total Power: 38KW.
Origin: China.

Opener Machine
Condition: New.
Make: Cotton Shoddy.
Materials: 100% Cotton / Polyester Knit or Woven Cutting & Clips.
Machine Weight: 5Ton.
Total Power: 56KW.
Origin: China.

Weaving Machine
Condition: Used & New
Delivery: Bangladesh.
Condition: New.
Production Width: 1.6Meter.
Scattering & Pest Dot Machine.
Condition: New.
Origin: China.
Delivery Port: Bangladesh.
Airjet Loom
Condition: New.
Model: GA11A.
Width: 190-360cm.
Origin: China.
Delivery Port: Shanghai / Ningbo.

Shuttle Loom
Condition: Used.
Item: Shuttle Machine.
Condition: Used/New.
Working Width: 44"/56"/63".
Made By: China.
Delivery Port: Shanghai / Ningbo .

Waterjet Loom
Condition: New.
Waterjet Machine.
Model: GA708.
Made By: China.
Delivery Port: Shanghai / Ningbo.
PP Non-Woven Bag Making Machine
Condition: New.
Make: T-Shirt Bag, D Cut Bag, 
Nut Making Machine
Bolt Making Machine
Screw Making Machine
Jute Hessian Weaving Machine
Condition: New.
Make: Jute Hessian Cloth.
Materials: Jute Yarn.
Origin: China.
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